Sunday, September 25, 2011

Current Event #1 - Technology in school not always best

Thank you to all for your comments. I am going to just add a couple of notes because I miss read the instructions and I didn't include a brief description of why I chose this article.

Technology in school not always best, study says

The headline initially attracted me to the article because I was starting my master's on-line and I'm interested in using technology in the classroom.  Was it referring to K-12 classrooms or University type courses? The article is making reference to digital natives and how savy they are but yet young people are not attracted to on-line learning. So why is this? The article goes on to explain that perhaps it's not about them being tech savy but about what fits each individual person and how they choose to learn. Kind of the one size doesn't fit all approach doesn't always work. We've known this for some time in education, but do we all choose to follow this train of thought?

For some of us, the traditional classroom setting works and for others they learn by doing while others learn through other mediums. What I find most interesting now after having just listened to the podcasts Joanne posted, is perhaps the "digital natives" are not as tech savy as we thought they were. If they are not, then this explains why more students prefer lecture type classes, are more statisfied and prefer face to face classes than high-tech classrooms.
Now I'm interested in this myth of why the "younger generation" may not be as digitally connected as we originally thought they were.

I've got some searching to do for my next current events post.


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