Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to The Math Whisperer

This is an exciting opportunity for all primary teachers and myself. I'm starting a new blog which will integrate some new teaching ideas, technology components (for the master's course) and reflections of teaching in a grade 2 classroom. 
I am looking forward to sharing what I'm doing and learning. 
Come back and visit often. 

How the title came to be. I've been thinking about starting a new blog that was different from my classroom one,, I love this one but I use it for sharing with parents, the students and other teachers. I wanted a new blog that allowed me to share my thoughts about  teaching, lessons/activities and what my students are thinking about and understanding. 
I'm at the beginning of this incredible journey in my Master's and my first course is a Web 2.0 Technology course. I'm pumped!!! What a perfect opportunity to create a new blog. 
I was wanting a name that stood out from the rest. My classroom blog name is boorrrinng. So at 6:30 am this morning, I was thinking, and thinking. I loved the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love this summer and thought perhaps I could use three words to describe teaching and what I wanted to convey. The choices I came up with were, well basically lame. I read the choices to Darcy (aka the husband) and he was quiet. I know what that means. He provided me with a couple suggestions and then said nothing. I don't have this knack for words like he does. I guess that's why we're a good team, he fills in the holes that are missing. 
He then suggested,  The Math Whisperer. I knew at the time, it was PERFECT. My passion is math and helping kids think about strategies, their ideas and to help them clarify all that's in those little brains. Plus, I think Caesar Millan is amazing. I love his show and his philosophy of being calm and assertive. The name is perfect for another reason. I read the book, The Book Whisperer over the summer. Fabulous if you haven't read it. If you go to my classroom blog you can view the post. My ultimate goal in grade two math is the get the kids thinking and loving math. Some come in having filled in worksheets after worksheets. It doesn't provide them with an opportunity to think. I want them thinking, doing, playing, talking, and exploring all the ideas they have. I'm The Math Whisperer for students and teachers. I've got a lot to learn but I'm well on my way.
It's a tough and often frustrating journey but I persevere and the end result is amazing. I can't wait to share with you more reflections, thinking, and technology ideas in grade two. 
See Ya Soon!!!


  1. I never liked math and never had the confidence to do math. Junior high, I took summer school two years in a row because I didn't pass. I wasn't dumb, but I was dumb at math. But why was I dumb was the question, a math whisperer would know - lack of confidence, basic skills and calmness.

    I have spent all my teaching years in multi-graded classrooms or special education. So I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with students 1:1 on daily basis. My experience has allowed myself to work with math learning outcomes from K-12 (Alberta) and I have learned on they are all linked like building blocks. If you don't learn the first level well; the other levels are almost impossible.

    If you can't count forward/backwards, skip count, know which number is larger from decimals to fractions - math is almost impossible.

    When things are impossible you start to hate it. If you are having no success - you start to hate it. I hate golf, not because it is bad game. I hate it because I am no good at it.

    Cesar works with impossible dogs and makes them possible April will make math possible for her students.

  2. I look forward to reading your blog and becoming another "math whisperer!" :)


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