Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Changes in my Google Reader

I love the new look of Google Reader. I think it was last Monday or Tuesday was when I saw the changes. It's cleaner looking, less cluttery and far more simple looking. 
I've been doing a whole lot more tagging than I ever had. Yet again, tagging becomes really important to finding posts you like or would like to return back to. I've discovered that the tags are kept at the bottom of your Blogger list.
I think they are very much like folders, when you click on a tag it redirects it to the blogs you've tagged. I'm still not sure how others can have access to your tags in order to find the posts you've tagged but I feel it's in the permission settings you give your Google Reader and who you want to have access. 
I love when you read a blog post how it turns yellow. It's so easy to keep track of the what you've just done. 
In my inquiry, I knew I needed to go through and de-clutter the blogs I follow. I was following over 150 blogs and I just couldn't keep up. Over the summer I went a bit, yes, just a bit 'subscription' crazy. I was subscribing to any blog that looked interesting, fun to read, had great pictures, and had to do with primary or grade two. I've been trying to see which blogs post frequently and which ones I actually read and I've weeded through and gotten rid of ones I don't look at or quickly scroll over. It's very hard getting rid of blogs. It's a bit like taking outcomes out of curriculum, we know some need to go but we feel they're all important. As it turned out some had to go. I can always go back and remove more at a later date, baby steps. 
I am happy with the changes, but I'm always going to the left of the blog title to star the blog for future reference and it's not there anymore. Instead, Google has added it to the right of the title. It's going to take a bit of getting use to but I know I'll be able to adapt.
Hope your enjoying some of the changes as well.

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