Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Member to My Wiki

The email arrived this morning. I had posted on my classroom Facebook page last night about the Words Their Way games I'd added. I was asking people (friends) to join if they wanted to have the games. If I'd just asked they wouldn't have come but if I built a reason for them to join they would.

Well it happened this morning. This email arrived in my inbox. By clicking on the "approve their membership request" it sends you right to your wiki.

This last photo is what I saw when I clicked on the approve button. She must not realize you need to verify the account. Or I was just too quick.

This now gives me another chance to collaborate or share some of what I do in the classroom with other teachers. It's simple word games but to a teacher, this is a huge time saver. Hopefully, others will post their own games to this wiki as well.

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