Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Media Rediscovered

I have discovered a love for CBC radio again. I was travelling down to a conference in Kananaskis and I thought about listening to CBC radio. I had the privileged of listening to Q with Jian Ghomeshi's
interview the William Shatner. It was a pleasure to just listen while I was driving down the road. If you have been a fan of Shatner's I would recommend listening to the interview.
Jian's voice is mesmerizing and such a pleasure to listen to. I think that's why he's on the radio and not myself. I know my podcast's won't sound anything like his voice but it's not a competition.
I also got a chance to listen to Spark, thank you to Joanne for recommending this program as a podcast to follow.
It's nice to disconnect from the computer and TV to just listen.

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