Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guide for Teachers who want to start blogging #9 Current Event

I feel this is an important blogging site to share with others. As this course comes to a close soon, many of us have began a journey into the blogging world that we wouldn't have expected to take. This blog will help with such a journey.

I have been following Langwitches Blog for over a year and I just love what she shares and how she explains her learning and that of her students. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano has an amazing ability to make you want to become a better teacher of technology. She makes it look so easy. If you need an example of a good blog to follow, I would recommend this one. This blog clearly explains and provides examples of how technology can be successfully integrated into your classroom. 
Several weeks ago, she posted this How to guide for teachers called Stepping It Up - Learning about blogs FOR your students. This guide will help you and your students become better bloggers. It is in the beginning stages of construction and I know more great posts will be coming. She has already written a post on her first guideline, Reading. I would highly recommend subscribing to this blog and reading more about the other six parts to being a successful blogger not just for yourself but your students as well.
Thank you Silvia for all of your hard work and dedication to blogging and helping others become better as well.

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