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Technology plays a big role in today's libraries #8 Current Event

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 This week's current event comes from my local newspaper. I still enjoy having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. I found this article in Friday, November 4th Daily Herald Tribune paper.

Technology plays a big role in today's libraries

The article talks about how libraries are changing by using technology to allow people more access to the types of programs being offered and speed at accessing materials all over the province of Alberta. Yet again, the library is wanting to connect with the community and the families in it. To do so, means they are creating Facebook pages, Twittering (@GPPublicLibrary) , and they've created a webpage to advertise many of their programs.

Also along this same topic of technology in libraries, I went to go see J. Edgar this weekend and there was a great scene where he talks about categorizing and cataloguing the Library of Congress's books and files and how easy and fast it was for him to search a topic. I had to chuckle because he was able to locate a topic within 1.5 minutes. Speedy at that time. I didn't realize J. Edgar Hoover was responsible for organizing and cataloging the Library of Congress. Interesting piece of history for all of you library history buffs out there.

I chose this article because it hightlights how the Grande Prairie Library is trying to move along with technology. They are wanting to serve their community members in new and inventive ways. Not only are they advertising on-line but they are willing to help train you to search for items, use their services and help you understand how to use the OverDrive ebook service. Way to go GP Library! Way to be on the cutting edge! I appauld you for your work.

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