Friday, October 28, 2011

Adding to a Wiki

This will be a very short post on one of my inquiry project Web 2.0 tools. I participated in the #daily5 chat tonight on Twitter. It is a very valuable form of professional development if you are thinking about starting Daily 5 and CAFE in your classroom. We were discussing Daily 5 and Technology and the topic of Spelling City and Word Work came up. This was my opportunity to add content onto the Daily 5 Chat Wiki. I had created some word work activities based on a Pinterest idea I'd pinned over the summer (I'm missing my pinning days) that I felt other might be interested in trying.
It was more difficult than it really had to be because I pressed one wrong button.
If you press this and change it to the 'link' button it will add the image as a link to open. You must have the 'embed file' button present to see the actual image. This took some Googling to figure it out. I used this video as a guide to help me figure out how to add the images.

It felt like a great accomplishment when I added these images and PDF files to the wiki. Was it difficult? For a while, but I knew I could find the answer someplace. Was I intimidated adding content to a Wiki when I knew that if I made a mistake I might delete someones work by accident? Of course I was. Don't feel intimidated by using a new Web 2.0 tool because the answer is someplace to be found, on Google, Twitter, or a You Tube.

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