Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flickr: Just The Flick of A Button

I just uploaded pictures to Flickr using iPhoto's Uploader to Flickr application. Why hadn't I done this before? Good question that I'm really asking myself. It was SO EASY!!! I clicked on the images I wanted to upload, and pressed Flickr in the Share portion of my iPhoto window. Do to not having the Uploader for Flickr installed or set up, it took a bit for the computer and Flickr to talk to one another and about 2 minutes for the photos to upload but it was seamless. It even asked how I wanted them uploaded, in a set or Photostream. I chose set because I wasn't quite sure what a Photostream was. That will be the next thing to investigate. 
Now to post them on this blog and my classroom blog for others to see and share. I'd been searching for a way to upload the photos into a slideshow type presentation from Flickr but I can't seem to find it. However, you will see that I was able to upload all the photos into a poster type layout. 
If you go into Share button and click, "more ways to share" you can actually connect with any of your blogs.
What ends up happening is this collection of photos in a poster layout rather than a slideshow. At the same time it adds the photos you are able to write text to go along with the blog post. It's like writing a post from your Flickr account. I don't think you can get too complicated with your posting and I am unsure of the word count. It's something to explore when I have more time.  I know Blogger's Picasa will add the photo's into a slideshow. I'm going to be investigating Flickr to see if this is an option as well. It would be quite nice to have this as an option. I know I'm looking for an embed code.
Art Idea courtesy of
 These were just some initial thoughts as I was loading and playing with Flickr. It is quite easy to upload. Blogger and Flickr communicate quite nicely with each other. On a side note, didn't my kids do a great job? 


  1. I'd love to know what photostreaming is, too. Please go forth and learn! (and share!)

  2. I think from what I looked at yesterday it is streaming your sets on-line so others can view them. Again, this is just a guess. I'll be investigating this further.